Last Updated: 16 December 2018
By Maynard Paton

Why I Use Sendy

I use Sendy for many reasons.

But I admit the modest charges are the main attraction.

You will already know about Amazon SES and sending 10,000 emails for just $1. So these days I effectively pay nothing for emailing WordPress newsletters.

Acquiring the Sendy software is not a major outlay — a $59/£49* one-time fee.

And by following my Installing Sendy (and Virtulamin) on AWS guide, there is no need to incur any set-up costs.

Sadly, there are likely to be other Amazon costs.

You see, to get the best out of Sendy and Amazon SES, you will have to pay for additional Amazon services (a server and the associated storage).

That said, with the help of Amazon’s FREE tier, your first twelve months as a Sendy/Amazon Web Services (AWS) user should cost next to nothing (or even nothing).

Those twelve months should therefore give you ample time to decide whether Sendy and Amazon SES is for you, before you start paying a bit extra.

When the AWS FREE tier expires, I calculate your annualised AWS fees could run to as little as $72/£69*. 

Anyway, I am sure you can already imagine the savings that could be made by using Sendy rather than the likes of MailChimp. 

(You can read All Sendy Costs Explained for more details)

No worries about high price bands

Another great advantage with Sendy and Amazon SES is that we can grow our mailing lists to as big as we like, and then send as many email newsletters as we like…

…and yet the additional costs of sending those extra emails will be pennies.

That’s the beauty of Amazon SES and AWS services in general — it is purely ‘pay as you go’.

Contrast that to the likes of MailChimp, where your list grows and you suddenly move up a price bracket and face an ever steeper monthly payment.

In fact, the way Amazon SES works means employing Sendy is ideal for occasional or irregular newsletter sending. 

Of course, Sendy and Amazon SES is ideal for frequent senders, too.

Hold on… does low cost mean low quality?

Not really.

Sure, Sendy may not have all the workflow and reporting bells and whistles that you will find at MailChimp and elsewhere.

In particular, if you are a digital-marketing professional that needs in-depth analysis of email campaigns, then perhaps the features at MailChimp are worth paying the big money for.

But if you, like me, are an ordinary blogger that just wants to send great WordPress newsletters at low cost without all the fancy (and costly) extras…

...then I am sure you will find a Sendy set-up extremely satisfactory.

You can read all about Sendy’s numerous features — and try the demo — on the Sendy website.

But to summarise the important features:

Effective mailing-list management: bounces, unsubscribes, double-optin confirmations, and so on are all handled automatically:

Straightforward dashboard: a nice and simple report showing open rates, click numbers, link activity and other important stats:  

Unlimited autoresponders: set automatic emails for new and existing subscribers based on when they joined your lists or a custom date you choose:

Powerful segmentation: divide different lists into different segments based on your data, and send newsletters only to the selected contacts:

I choose what to include in my newsletters

Another benefit of Sendy is that I am 100% in charge.

Once purchased, the Sendy software is mine to keep and I can even amend the code if I so wish.

There are simply no surprises by going the ‘self hosted’ Sendy route. 

In contrast, one day you could face some unfavourable software changes with hosted providers such as MailChimp, Aweber and so on. Indeed, you may well suffer from daft decisions that put your mailing lists at risk

Being 100% in charge allows me to choose about what I send and what I disclose.

Case in point: some email services require you to include a physical address on your sign-up forms and emails.

I can understand the reason for disclosing an address for overt commercial/marketing emails. But for ordinary, non-profit blogs with no commercial purpose? It all seems overkill to me. 

I guess large email services just take the easy route and tell everyone to disclose a physical address, like it or not.

With Sendy, it is you who decides what goes into your email… and whether you are obeying your own country’s rules about email marketing or not. 

It is extremely easy to connect to WordPress

Sendy offers straightforward WordPress integration. 

Sendy connects to your WordPress blog through one of many excellent plugins, such as Thrive Leads, Convert Pro, Mailmunch and Mailoptin.  

Look at the banner at the top of this page. That is a Thrive Leads template and connects to a Sendy installation. Just pop your email address in the banner box to see how everything works.

You can read How To Connect Sendy To WordPress for all the integration details.

Creating newsletters for Sendy is easy, too.

For instance, you can use MailPoet within WordPress to create a campaign and easily copy and paste the HTML into Sendy. You can read Transferring A MailPoet Newsletter From WordPress To Sendy for full details. 

My Sendy alternative really could be for you

I mean, you do not have much to lose. As I say, the initial software payment is just $59/£49 and you can enjoy a FREE year with AWS* to send your newsletters in double-quick time. 

Plus, you can even continue with MailChimp, Aweber, and so on, while you get set up. You may well be very surprised as to how easy the whole process turns out to be.

You can click here to visit the Sendy website and test Sendy — the ‘hidden gem’ software behind my alternative — for yourself.

Then you can click here to watch  some informative Sendy videos, to ensure the product is right for you.

I have also compiled these Sendy FAQs, which I hope explains everything about the software.

And if you have any questions or comments about this page, please let me know so I can keep this website as helpful as possible.

Happy blogging!

Maynard Paton

(*Click here to read All Sendy Costs Explained)

(Want to learn more? Click here to visit the full website index.)


I Bought It On The Spot!

A Twitter person told me about Sendy. It's a PHP app that you host yourself. It fronts Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES), which is dirt cheap for email. The app is REALLY polished and just lovely.

It's $59 to buy, but they said on their site: "If you encounter problems, we will help you. If it doesn't work out, we'll refund you." That matters to me, so I bought it on the spot.

Scott Hanselman, , Sendy customer

MailChimp 'Disruptor'. $59 One-Off Fee. Full Refund Available.

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