Last Updated: 21 April 2018
By Maynard Paton

Updating Your AWS Server Through Virtualmin

This page describes how to update the Ubuntu operating system and Virtualmin software on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) server.  I have assumed you have installed Sendy and Virtualmin using my Installing Sendy and Virtualmin on AWS guide.

Before you begin, I would recommend you create a snapshot of your server. That way you can always revert back to how the server was before you started should anything go horribly wrong.

Click here for full instructions to create a snapshot of your AWS server

This whole update process should take no more than ten minutes. 

Note: Although the software updates relate to your server’s operating system and Virtualmin, and should not affect Sendy directly, it is probably a good idea not to be logged into Sendy and not to be sending a campaign during this process.

Here are the steps to follow

1) Log in to Virtualmin by navigating to Your Virtualmin Installation URL within your browser:

The username is root and the password is the server root password you set within Part 3 of my Installing Sendy and Virtualmin on AWS guide. Then click Sign in.

On the initial dashboard, check Package Updates for any outstanding updates:

Continue with the following steps if any package updates are available.

2) From the left-hand menu, select Webmin, then System, then Software Package Updates:

A list of software packages should now appear.

3) Click Refresh Available Packages:

A message confirming the successful refresh should now appear. 

4) Click Return to package list:

5) Click Updated Selected Packages:

6) Click Install Now:

A long list of technical commands will then appear in a window, followed by a message confirming the successful installation.

7) Select Webmin from the left-hand menu:

You should now see the initial dashboard, with Package Updates showing everything being up to date:

Don't worry if the dashboard continues to show some outstanding Virtualmin Package Updates:

This particular notification will have disappeared when you next log back in.

8) All done! You can now select the Logout icon from the left-hand menu:

If you have any questions or comments about this page, please let me know so I can keep this website as helpful as possible.

Happy blogging!

Maynard Paton

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