Last Updated: 17 April 2018
By Maynard Paton

Troubleshooting Virtualmin:
Connection Lost And Other Problems

Probably the most likely source of trouble within my guide to Installing Sendy and Virtualmin on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is working initially with Virtualmin.

I am not sure why, but I occasionally receive this Connection Lost message when I create a ‘testdemo' Virtualmin installation:

In addition, I sometimes find Virtualmin 'hangs' after creating a virtual server during Part 9. The left-hand menu disappears:

There is talk on the Virtualmin website of the trouble relating to Nginx errors.

However, I wonder if it all relates to the initial Virtualmin installation URL missing a proper SSL certificate, and the knock-on browser issues.

Once Part 10 is completed and an SSL certificate is installed, I have found Virtualmin becomes more stable.

If you, too, come across Connection Lost or other Virtualmin problems, first try refreshing your browser for a reconnection.

If a refresh does not work, try logging out of Virtualmin, closing the browser window, opening a fresh browser window and then logging back in to Virtualmin.

If that does not work, you could then try opening a new Terminal window, logging in to your AWS server as root and restarting Virtualmin by entering:

service webmin restart

One of those three solutions should work. Otherwise there is the more drastic server reboot:


Caching is another nuisance. During the end of Part 7, I have encountered repeated Not Secure browser warnings trying to reach my ‘testdemo' Virtualmin URL. These particular difficulties may appear if you try installing Virtualmin multiple times — clearing my browser cache solved this particular issue.

Anyway, I have always managed to complete my ‘testdemo' Virtualmin installations using a combination of the above. True, these problems can be frustrating... but trust me, the effort will be worth it! 

If I ever get to the bottom of these problems, I shall update this page accordingly. 

Happy installing!

Maynard Paton

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