Last updated: 21 April 2018
By Maynard Paton

Sendy Videos

Here are four videos that will help you enjoy a better understanding of Sendy.

All four videos are worth watching in their entirety, and may help you with some of the procedures within my Installing Sendy (and Virtualmin) on AWS guide. 

I have provided some notes to go along with each video. 

Introducing Sean ‘Mr Digital’ Freitas

Mr Digital has produced two informative Sendy videos. The first captures him purchasing and installing Sendy — and then sending his first Sendy email — in just 24 minutes!

Mr Digital then uses his follow-up video to demonstrate how to use a MailChimp template within Sendy.

Here is Mr Digital’s first video (24m37s): 

00m00s: Purchasing Sendy.

02m44s: Installing Sendy on a shared webhost. 

Note: I recommend you host Sendy on AWS instead of a shared webhost (click here for an explanation). My Installing Sendy (and Virtualmin) on AWS guide contains full instructions. 

07m37s: Creating an AWS account.

Note: This process is covered within Get Started With AWS.

10m39s: Configuring AWS SES/SNS settings

Note: This process is handled within Part 17 of my Installing Sendy (and Virtualmin) on AWS guide.

14m30s: Requesting the removal of the AWS ‘sandbox’.

Note: This process is covered within Get Started With AWS.

18m49s: Creating a Sendy brand, list and campaign.

21m33s: Configuring a Sendy cron job.

Note: This process is handled within Part 19 of my Installing Sendy (and Virtualmin) on AWS guide.

22m34s: Sending a first Sendy campaign

Note: The sending process within Sendy can take up to five minutes to start.

And here is Mr Digital’s second video (8m07s):

00m00s: Acknowledging the AWS ‘sandbox’ request.

00m34s: Designing a Sendy template through MailChimp.

03m06s: Creating and sending a new Sendy campaign.

04m49s: Editing a Sendy template and resending a Sendy campaign.

06m48s: Reviewing a Sendy campaign report.

07m17s: Editing Sendy template images. 

Note: I recommend you follow Mr Digital’s advice and do not link images hosted by MailChimp within your Sendy emails. Instead, copy the images to your own website and use those links within your campaigns. 

Introducing Adam Mulholland

Adam Mullholland has produced two educational Sendy videos. 

Within the first video, Adam runs through all of Sendy’s list settings, and then shows how to create an email campaign from a free-to-use template found via Google.

Adam then uses the second video to showcase his Sendy-compatible sign-up widget, as well as compare Sendy to MailChimp.

Here is Adam’s first video (14m40s):

00m00s: Introduction. 

00m52s: Sendy overview.

02m20s: Sendy list overview.

03m24s: Sendy list settings.

Note: I recommend you follow Adam’s advice and create lists as double opt-in.

04m14s: Creating a Sendy thank-you email.

04m45s: Creating a Sendy confirmation email.

05m52s: The Sendy subscribe form.

06m14s: Creating Sendy autoresponders.

Note: Adam mistakenly says Sendy can handle only one autoresponder. In fact, Sendy can handle multiple autoresponders!

06m38s: Creating Sendy custom fields.

07m17s: Sendy list segmentation.

Note: Since Adam published this video, Sendy has introduced list segmentation! 

07m44s: Creating a Sendy template using a free design.

09m42s: Creating a Sendy campaign.

11m22s: Using Sendy's essential and personal email tags.

12m08s: Sending a Sendy campaign.

12m25s: Reviewing a Sendy campaign report.

Note: Adam mentions bounce rates and wonders what level could prompt AWS to take action. According to AWS documentation, you should keep your bounce rate below 5%.  

13m55s: Conclusion.

And here is Adam’s second video (8m25s):

00m00s: Introduction.

01m03s: Total Support Widget for Sendy.

02m56s: Sendy and MailChimp comparison.

03m43s: Sendy overview.

04m55s: Sendy lists.

05m12s: Sendy reports.

05m46s: Sendy cost.

06m01s: General thoughts on email marketing.

I hope you enjoyed those videos.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, please let me know so I can keep this website as helpful as possible.

Happy blogging!

Maynard Paton

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