Last Updated: 16 December 2018
By Maynard Paton

Creating AWS SES Access Keys For Sendy

Welcome to Part 17 of Installing Sendy and Virtualmin on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This page describes how to create and set AWS SES access keys for Sendy. (Source: Sendy)

Here are the steps to follow

1) If you have recently completed Part 4, you may already be logged in to AWS.

Otherwise, log in to the AWS console at

Make sure Your AWS Region is set correctly:

2) Select IAM from the Services menu:

3) Select Users from the left-hand menu:

4) Click Add user:

5) Complete the user details as follows:

User name: set to sendy
Access type: set to Programmatic access

Then click Next: Permissions.

6) Add the first permission as follows:

Select Attach existing policies directly.

Within the Filter box, type snsf

A Policy called AmazonSNSFullAccess should appear. Tick the box on the left.

7) Add the second permission as follows:

Within the Filter box, type sesf

A Policy called AmazonSESFullAccess should appear. Tick the box on the left.

8) Click Next: Review:

9) The Review should show the SES and SNS managed policies within the Permissions summary:

Click Create user.

10) Your access keys should now be created:

Click Show to show your Secret access key.

11) Switch back to Sendy, and click the top-right menu:

12) Select Settings:

13) Copy and paste your AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key from step 10 above into the appropriate fields:

Ensure Your Amazon SES region is set to Your AWS Region.

14) Click Save at the bottom of the page:

15) Switch back to AWS, and click Close:

16) All done!

Stay logged in to AWS and Sendy, and click here to start Part 18. Alternatively, click here to return to the Introduction.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, please let me know so I can keep this website as helpful as possible.

Happy installing!

Maynard Paton

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