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Amazon Web Services

Why I Use AWS

Get Started With AWS


What AWS Costs

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AWS SES Sandbox


AWS Snapshots

SSH Terminal

SFTP Cyberduck

Reserved Instance


How To
Install Sendy

Introduction To Installing Sendy And Virtualmin On AWS

Part 1:
Creating Your AWS Security Group

Part 2:
Creating Your
AWS Server

Part 3: Configuring Your AWS Server For SSH Access

Part 4: Associating An Elastic IP To Your AWS Server

Part 5: Updating Ubuntu On Your
 AWS Server

Part 6: Configuring Ubuntu's Host Files For Virtualmin

Part 7: Installing Virtualmin On Your AWS Server

Part 8: Configuring Virtualmin With The Post-Install Wizard

Part 9: Creating A Virtual Server Within Virtualmin

Part 10: Installing An SSL Certificate Within Virtualmin

Part 11:
Configuring Nginx For Sendy

Part 12: Securing MySQL On Your
AWS Server

Part 13:
Configuring MySQL
For Sendy

Part 14: Retrieving
Your Sendy
Database Password

Part 15:
Installing Sendy On
Your AWS Server

Part 16:
Checking Your Sendy Database Tables

Part 17: Creating
AWS SES Access
Keys For Sendy

Part 18: Verifying
Your Domain
Within AWS SES

Part 19: Installing
Sendy's Cron Jobs
Within Virtualmin

Part 20: Deleting
Your AWS Server
And Starting Again

GPL Vault and WordPress Plugins

Connecting WordPress
 To Sendy

Transferring A MailPoet Newsletter From WordPress to Sendy


Backup Virtualmin

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Update Virtualmin

Troubleshoot Virtualmin


All Costs Explained

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