An Example Of A New Subscriber Welcome Page

Hello there,

This page is a basic example of how you can welcome your new email subscribers. 

If you set your Sendy lists to 'double opt-in', Sendy will automatically send to your new subscriber a confirmation email that contains an activation link .   

The subscriber must then click that link to activate their subscription.  

Once the link has been clicked, Sendy can then direct your new subscriber to a 'welcome' page such as this.

The advantage of using double opt-in over single opt-in is that fake/spam addresses should not activate their subscriptions through a confirmation email.

As such, your lists should enjoy much higher open rates, be less likely to suffer bounces, and generally keep you away from being labelled a 'spammer'!

Now that you have clicked the activation link within that email you received, your email address has been stored on a Sendy example mailing list within Colcol. 

But do not worry!

This example mailing list is NOT used for sending any other Colcol emails, and all email addresses contained on the example list are regularly deleted. 

Happy blogging!

Maynard Paton

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