Last Updated: 16 December 2018
By Maynard Paton

AWS Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is part of and offers a vast range of IT infrastructure services and platforms to individuals and companies. 

I want to use Amazon SES with Sendy, but do I have to use an Amazon server? AWS seems very complicated.

To get the best out of Sendy, you should use AWS or a similar alternative. 

Using Sendy with a shared webhost — such as 1and1, Tsohost, 123-reg, Hostgator, GoDaddy, and so on — is likely to cause sending-speed issues for all but the smallest of email lists.

Click here for more details on using AWS.

I am confused about AWS’s pricing? How much am I likely to pay?

AWS operates a FREE tier for new customers, whereby your server and allocated storage costs to operate Sendy should cost you nothing for your first twelve months.

Your costs for email sending, backup storage and other services should be minimal.

Your annualised costs beyond your first year could be around £69 (or $72). (Click here for a full guide to What AWS Costs)

Can I get a refund from AWS?

No, but you should not pay anything if you keep within the AWS FREE tier of 12 months server and allocated storage usage. (Click here for a full guide to What AWS Costs

Those 12 months should provide enough time for you to decide whether Sendy and AWS are for you. 

If need be, you can cancel your AWS account just before your first FREE 12 months is up and migrate your Sendy lists to an alternative email service provider.

What is the AWS FREE twelve-month tier?

AWS offers certain services for FREE for 12 months to new customers.

For Sendy, the relevant services are:

  • Server (EC2): t2.micro
  • Allocated server storage (EBS): up to 30GB
  • Backup 'snapshot' storage: up to 1GB

All but the very largest of Sendy installations will operate perfectly well within the AWS 12-month FREE tier. Modest charges are likely to be incurred should you wish to create backup 'snapshot' copies of your server.

Is anything else FREE at AWS?

Yes. You can send 62,000 emails a month for FREE through AWS SES (Note: this offer extends to all AWS customers, and runs indefinitely). Various AWS notifications triggered by Sendy should be also FREE for all but the very largest of mailing-list owners. 

What is the AWS sandbox?

According to the AWS FAQs

The Amazon SES sandbox is an area in which new users can test the capabilities of Amazon SES. New Amazon SES users are automatically placed in the sandbox.

While in the sandbox, you will only be able to send mail to verified email addresses, or to email addresses associated with the Amazon SES mailbox simulator. Additionally, while in the sandbox, you can send no more than 200 messages per 24-hour period, and no more than one message per second.

When you are ready to move out of the sandbox, you can submit an SES Sending Limit Increase request.

You can read Increasing Your Initial AWS SES Sending Limit for instructions on how to submit a request to leave the sandbox.

What if I have another question about AWS?

Use this contact form and I will endeavour to answer your question. Or click here to visit the full website index.


Sendy and Amazon SES are a much better option!

Compared to paying $30 a month to MailChimp, Sendy and Amazon SES are a much better option. Especially for a low volume list — and for a year for free with Amazon, too.

David Pascoe, , Sendy customer

MailChimp 'Disruptor'.  $59 One-Off Fee.  Full Refund Available.