How Ordinary Bloggers Can use Amazon SES 
To Send 10,000 WordPress Newsletters 
For Just $1


Full Instructions

No Coding

Low Cost

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Take the first steps to connect your WordPress blog to Amazon SES
and start emailing 10,000 newsletters for just $1  

Meet Sendy, The Low-Cost MailChimp 'Disruptor' 
That Connects WordPress To Amazon SES

Self-Hosted Software
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$59/£44 One-Off Fee
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Full Refund Available
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Everything You Need To Know About Sendy

Why I Use Sendy

The long-term savings could be immense.

Top Sendy Videos

Experts bloggers show how they use Sendy. 

Sendy FAQs

All your Sendy questions answered.

Amazon SES, The High-Power/Low-Cost Email Service That Sends 10,000 WordPress Newsletters For Just $1

Turbo-Charge Sendy And Amazon SES By Using A Dedicated AWS Server.

Send 50,000+ Emails Daily
Frequent senders welcome!

Super-Fast Performance
No shared-host restrictions.

First 12 Months FREE
No upfront commitment.

Know Nothing About Amazon SES?
Not Sure About AWS Servers?
Don't Worry. All You Need To Know Is Right Here...

Why I Use AWS

Top speed, low cost and great reliability.

Get Started With AWS

How ordinary bloggers can run their own server.


All your AWS questions answered.

The Amazing Amazon Web Services 12-Month FREE Tier

Did you know you can turbo-charge Sendy for nothing for your first 12 months by taking advantage of AWS's FREE tier? A year gives you ample time to evaluate Sendy and AWS for your email-sending needs. If AWS is not for you, simply cancel your AWS account within 12 months and not pay a penny!
(Click here to read What AWS Costs for more details!)

Installing Sendy On AWS The Proper Way

Follow My Full Guide To Get Started With Sendy And Amazon SES!

Step-by-Step Instructions
Complete with screenshots.

Written In Plain English​
No tech jargon.

Learn Useful Skills
Be your own IT support!

Get Your Sendy And AWS Server Set Up The Right Way!

My Full Guide To Installing Sendy (And Virtualmin) On AWS

How To Connect WordPress To Sendy

A Great Way To Buy Quality Email Plugins At A Bargain Price!

Create Beautiful Optins
Numerous design templates.

Unlimited Designs
Flexible, drag & drop editors.

Every Type Of Form
Slide-ins, pop-ups, banners...

Build Your Mailing List Faster Than Ever Before!   

My Full Guide To Connecting WordPress To Sendy
(Including how to create your own form and the very best free and premium plugins!)